End Tab Flat File Pockets

End Tab Flat File Pockets
These end tab flat file pockets are designed to keep documents safely inside and are well suited for storing medical charts, X-rays or photos. 

The standard jacket is closed on three sides while the slant pocket is closed on two sides and has the front panel cut away diagonally, and the right edge is open for easy access to the contents.

  • Reinforced end tab
  • Tab 1/2" wide
  • Full height gusset closed on the left edge, right edge open
  • Full end tab or 4" end tab
  • Straight cut tab embossed for label placement
  • Front panel is cut diagonally in upper right corner on slant pockets
  • Top corners rounded, front and back
  • 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material
  • 11pt or 14pt manila stock
  • Front panel undercut 1/4"
LETTER SIZE: 12 1/4" w X 9 1/2" Overall, 11 3/4" W Body