Medical File Folders

Medical File Folders

Medical Recod File Folders

Ecom business solutions specializes in providing medical file folders and filing supplies for all types of medical records and medical practices.

We can help you find the filing supplies and patient charts to help your medical practice  get organized. Use these filing products to create neat, organized patient charts or medical records.

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End Tab Manila FoldersThe standard for medical folders and patient charts.  We offer over 100 different style of end tab manila folders.
End Tab Color FoldersUse the different colors to categorize your patient charts or just to add some color to your medical practice.
Medical Folders with PocketsUse these medical folders with pockets to store loose documents or other loose media along with your documents.
Custom File FoldersCan’t find a stock medical folder to meet your need? Want to add a custom logo or a custom form? These custom patient charts are for you.
End Tab Pressboard FoldersThese super heavy duty pressboard folders are perfect for highly active charts and will last longer and provide more protection than manila folders.
Medical File JacketsThese flat pockets or file jackets are the perfect solution when you only have a few loose documents to store in your patient charts.
Classification FoldersOur classification folders will help you divide your folders into 4, 6, or 8 filing sections.
Pre-Printed Medical FoldersOur pre-printed “confidential” file folders will help you practice meet HIPAA compliance.
Medical Folders with ExpansionThese heavy duty folders have a 1-1/2″ built in expansion to provide room for over a hundred documents.

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